A37: Rooting BlueStacks on Windows (10 pts)

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To get root privileges on the BlueStacks Android emulator.

Note for Mac or Linux Users

I don't know how to root Bluestacks on Mac or Linux hosts. But you can use Genymotion on those hosts to get a rooted Android device.

Installing Root Detector

LLaunch Bluestacks. Open Google Play. Search for root and find "Root Checker", as shown below.

Launch "Root Checker". Click through several startup screens, and, when you can, click "VERIFY ROOT".

You see that "Root access is not properly installed", as shown below.

Downloading BS Tweaker

In Internet Explorer, go to


Download the latest version, as shown below.

Save the file in your Downloads folder.

Unzipping and Launching BS Tweaker

Click Start, "This PC". Navigate to your Downloads folder. Right-click the BSTweaker file. Click "Extract All...", and click Extract.

A "BSTweaker..." window opens. Double-click the BSTweaker5 folder to open it.

Double-click the BlueStacksTweaker5 icon to launch it, as shown below.

If Windows Defender tries to stop it from running, click "More info" and "Run anyway".

Stopping Bluestacks

In BlueStacks Tweaker, on the Main tab, at the top right, click the "Full Stop BS" button.

At the top right, both the BlueStacks and ADB buttons should be red, as shown below.

Unlocking Bluestacks

In BlueStacks Tweaker, click the Root tab.

At the top left, click the Unlock button, as shown below.

The button vanishes, and the green text in the lower left corner shows "Unlock:True", as shown below.

Launching Bluestacks

In BlueStacks Tweaker, click the Main tab.

At the top right, click the "Start BS" button, as shown below.

Wait until Bluestacks boots up. In BlueStacks Tweaker, at the top right, both the BlueStacks and ADB buttons should be green, as shown below.


In BlueStacks Tweaker, click the Root tab.

At the top right, click the Patch button. Then click the "Install SuperSu" button.

SuperSU appears on your Android screen, as shown below.

On the right side, click the "Open SuperSU" button. SuperSu launches, as shown below.

Click Expert.

In SuperSu, click Expert.

A box pops up saying "The SU binary needs to be updated". Click CONTINUE.

In the next box, click NORMAL.

When the software installs, a box pops up saying "Installation success!", as shown below.


If BlueStacks freezes, close it by clicking the X in the top right. Click Yes. Then restart it.

Making Root the Default

In Bluestacks, click SuperSU.

Click SETTINGS, as shown below.

Scroll down and click "Default sccess". In the pop-up box, click Grant, as shown below.

Verifying Root Installation

Launch "Root Checker". Click "VERIFY ROOT".

You see a "Superuser request" box, as shown below.

Click GRANT.

You see "Congratulations! Root access is properly installed...", as shown below.

Find the text covered by a green box in the image above. Enter it into the form below to record your success.

M36: Recording Your Success (10 pts)

Use the form below to record your success.


How to Root BlueStacks

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